State.io - Conquer the World beginner's guide

State.io - Conquer the World beginner's guide
Feb 2023

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1. Target one enemy at a time2. Expand gradually3. Wait for the right time to attack4. Eliminate enemy fighters on the way5. Drag for a combined attack6. What to upgrade?

I was recently looking for a fun casual game, and this is when I came across State.io, which is a real-time strategy game. I only wish that it had a multiplayer option, but still, it is a fantastic game where you fight against armies, beat your rivals, and expand your superiority in the world arena.

I have been playing State.io for over a week now, and I haven't lost a single match. So in this post, I will share with your guys State.io beginner's guide, which will teach you guys some tips and tricks to become unbeatable. So let's begin with the tips and tricks?

1 Target one enemy at a time

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As you progress in the game, you will face multiple enemies at the same level. Don't go running behind all the enemies. If you want to finish the game and win quickly, then target one enemy at a given time. Choose a single enemy, eliminate it by taking over all its territories, and then choose the next enemy to take down.

State.io - Conquer the World beginner's guide

2 Expand gradually

The right way to expand is first to acquire the territories that are right next to you. This allows you to defend your territories by quickly moving the fighter from one territory to another and also helps you keep track of what's actually going on.

On the other hand, if you try to acquire random territories across the map, you will lose a lot of fighters on the way as they might collide with other armies. Also, you won't be able to defend your own territories as the backup you will send will require a lot of time to reach your territory that is under attack.

State.io - Conquer the World beginner's guide

3 Wait for the right time to attack

When there are multiple enemies on the map, it is important to use others' fights to your benefit. When an enemy has just acquired the territory of another, then use it to your advantage; send some troops to acquire that territory as the enemy won't have many fighters remaining. You can also send your fighter to the original base of the enemy from where he sent the fighter as it will have almost no fighters remaining over there.

State.io - Conquer the World beginner's guide

4 Eliminate enemy fighters on the way

Yes, you can take down enemy fighters on the way. When armies move from one location to another, and if they collide on the path, the fighters will be eliminated. So keep this mind, if enemy fighters are moving from one location to other and if you want to take them down on the path, then just use your fighter in such a way that the armies collide.

State.io - Conquer the World beginner's guide

5 Drag for a combined attack

The game offers quick combined attack options. Just select one of your territories, then drag over all the other territories you want to select and choose the location you want to attack. This way, you can quickly perform combined attacks using your troops from multiple locations. This also comes quite handy when you are defending your territories.

State.io - Conquer the World beginner's guide

6 What to upgrade?

Earning coins is not a challenging task. You will get gold on clearing every level, and the amount of gold will also keep increasing as you level up. But what matters here is how you use this gold. There are three upgrade options available in the game:

Start unit: It will increase the number of fighters you will start the game with.Produced speed: It will increase the number of fighters you will generate in occupied territory.Offline Earnings: It will increasing the amount of gold you will earn when you are offline.
State.io - Conquer the World beginner's guide

So what should you upgrade? The priority should always be to upgrade 'Produced speed' because the more numbers of fighters you will have, the better. Suppose you have five occupied territories, then you will produce fighters much faster. Consider it as a power-up or boost that will help you throughout the battle. On the other hand, if you choose to upgrade 'start until then, it will just give you a single extra fighter at the start of the game.

Note: We don't mean that you only have to upgrade 'Produced speed.' Instead, we suggest you prioritize upgrading it first. Then upgrade 'Start unit,' and when you have enjoyed the game enough and are about to close the app, then upgrade 'offline earnings' before closing. This is the best way to use your coins.

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So that was our State.io - Conquer the World beginner's guide. Make sure to keep all the above-mentioned tips and tricks in your mind, and we are pretty sure you won't lose any round in the game.