John Stamos Controversy: Why Did He Try To Get The Olsen Twins Out Of Fuller House?

John Stamos Controversy: Why Did He Try To Get The Olsen Twins Out Of Fuller House?
May 2023

John Stamos has been catching flak for trying to get his co-star, the Olsen Twins, kicked off the show Full House. Born in Cypress, California, on August 19, 1963, John Stamos, originally Jon Phillip Stamos, is an American actor and singer by profession. John is the son of Loretta and William Stamos, who was a restaurateur. Stamos got his high-school degree from John F. Kennedy High School and went to Cypress College for further education to skip the first semester and drop out to pursue his dreams of becoming a professional actor.

John started working at the ripe age of 11 at John's restaurant, and following it, he worked in Orange County, where he would flip burgers. Stamos had a carefree and cheerful childhood with supportive and loving parents who encouraged him to fulfill his dreams of becoming an actor. Stamos got hitched to Caitlin McHugh in December 2017, and the couple have a son together.

John Stamos In Fuller House [ Credits- ABC]
John's career started with his role in General Hospital, which premiered on ABC channel, where he played the role of Black Parrish. John was cast as the lead for the short comedy series titled Dreams that premiered on CBS. John became a household name from his role in Full House, where he played the role of Jesse Katsopolis, Danny's brother-in-law. Apart from his career in acting, Stamos has been a part of several concerts of Beach Boy, and he has also independently performed and released a number of albums.

John Stamos In Fuller House [ Credits- ABC]

Some of his notable works of John consist of General Hospitals, where he played Blackie Parrish; Never Too Young To Die, where he played Lance Stargrove; You Again, where he played Matt Willows, Big Shot, where he played Marvyn Korn, You, where he played Dr. Nicki, and Grandfathered, where he played Jimmy Martino. Some of Stamos's notable music is Shades Of Blue, Forever, We Have Learned A Lot, and Afternoon Delight.

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John Stamos Controversy

Stamos has recently found himself surrounded by controversy after admitting to getting the 11 months Olsen twins fired from the series Fuller House. As Stamos appeared on the podcast titled Good Guys alongside Josh Peck and Ben Soffer, he explained the situation took place during the filming of the first episode. The episode had Dave and Jessie, characters of Stamos taking care of Michelle Tanner, played by the Olsen twins, as Danny is away from home.

John admitted while they were changing the babies and as they took her down the stairs to hose her down, she kept crying and screaming. Stamos jokingly stated he felt like the twins wished to be anywhere but there due to their constant screaming. John also revealed how the show's producer kept interchanging the baby stating this one is not going to cry. This infuriated John, and he said they were 11 months old and that it wasn't going to work with them as they continued to cry out loud.

This led to the producers getting rid of the Olsen twins. John revealed two kids were brought by the producers after the exit of the Olsen twins for them to get the Olsen twins back on board with the show, as the kids that replaced the Olsen twins were terrible. John has also been making controversy for admitting his devastation as his found family's life was unraveling in front of his eyes.

Everything started going downhill when Lori Loughlin, who played the character of Jessie's wife, was imprisoned for two months for buying her way through college for her daughter. Following this, John lost his on-screen dad, and his co-star Candace caught Flake making negative comments about the transgender community.

Young John Stamos [Credits- Instagram- @johnstamos]
John later commented how the absence of the Olsen Twins was taken out of proportion, and when Netflix decided to renew the Fuller House series, they tried to bring the Olsen Twins back into the series. The Olsen twins declined the offer to return to the show as they are focused on running their fashion line named The Row.

Young John Stamos [Credits- Instagram- @johnstamos]

John also said he found it inspiring and strange that the two little kids have turned out to be smart, intelligent women. The Olsen twins have decided to live in secrecy as they spent the majority of their childhood in the spotlight.

John has previously been in controversy for his questionable behavior among the young actors present on the sets of Fuller House. He was under fire for using vulgar language and talking about sex in the presence of minors. Stamos has also openly admitted to struggling with maintaining sobriety as he got addicted to sleep medications.

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